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Pool maintenance in Spain

If you are a proud owner of a home with a private pool in Spain, chances are high that the maintenance and cleaning of the pool sometimes can be very consuming or even frustrating during your holiday stay in Spain.

Regular maintenance of the pool is an absolute must because small details such as, for example, pH and chlorine values, how and when filters must be replaced can ensure that your pool cannot be used for days or even weeks, we are not yet talking about the costs that are created to make everything user-friendly again.

We ensure that your pool will remain in excellent condition all year round and that you will never be faced with unpleasant surprises.

What are the benefits of a maintenance contract with Cristal Blue:

  • Maintenance at a fixed price with 2 rates.
  • We Always inform you of possible problems before they arise.
  • The contract gives you priority over customers who do not have a maintenance contract.

What does a typical service consists? Download more info here.