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Repairs and installations

Your lifesaver for pool repair, your partner for pool maintenance and the specialist in installing new equipment and accessories.

The swimming pool of your holiday home in Spain involves repairs and maintenance, which can be more difficult in a foreign country than at home. Depending on what you purchase or have built, you will have to deal with the local community and everything in Spanish.

Nothing is more annoying than standing in front of a green colored swimming pool or not being able to swim if you long for a refreshing swim during your holiday. Your pool pump failed, the gardener failed or you have not yet taken on a professional. Therefore, take the necessary precautions and conclude a service contract with Cristal Blue.

And that for everyone in the province of Alicante, Valencia to Almeria. Cristal Blue pool service guarantees a fair price, excellent service and professional advice! With our fifteen years of experience in Spain, we already dealt with a lot of problems and we will help you the best way we can.

Contact us 24/7 for the following activities:

  • Problems with the filter installation (water treatment system, pump, filter)
  • Problems with the electricity or lighting
  • Problems with a leak
  • Other technical problems (e.g. renovations)

Immediately schedule an appointment for a repair, we are happy to help you in Dutch, English and Spanish.