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Would you like to build a mini swimming pool in the Costa Blanca?


If you want a swimming pool when you buy your holiday home on the property market in Spain today, it will cost you square metres!

Mini pools provide you with the perfect solution without sacrificing comfort and luxury and are much cheaper than traditional pools.

Mini pools, perfect for urbanisations in Spain where small gardens are the norm.

If you want to maximise the space of your garden, patio or terrace, get advice from a mini pool specialist and choose from the different variants they have to suit your style, budget and taste.

Advantages of a mini pool:

  • Little or no loss of comfort.
  • Lower energy, maintenace and purchase costs.
  • Suitable for almost any garden, patio or other space.


Cristal Blue has the direct representative of a leading building specialist for mini pools on the Costa Blanca region since 2004.



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