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Cristal Blue Uni Packs (2)

Cristal Clean comfort
Cristal Clean comfort
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Cristal Clean comfort Pro
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Cristal Blue Uni Packs

Optimal cleaning

A good filter installation is not sufficient for optimum disinfection. You should also have a disinfectant in your water that ensures that your water is clear 24 hours a day and free from diseases.

Currently, chlorine tablets are still most commonly used for disinfecting private swimming pools in Spain. As a Second home owner in Spain, you want to enjoy your water without any worries. Problems such as cloudy water, algae growth, bacteria, inflammation, skin irritation ... can be missed as a toothache.To avoid this, it is extremely important to have a properly functioning filter installation in combination with an automatic disinfectant dosage system.

Disadvantage of chlorine tablets

Ordinary chlorine tablets and chlorine granules have stabilizers (cyanuric acids), to prevent the chlorine present from being broken down too quickly by UV rays (sunlight). Cyanuric acid ensures that the free chlorine becomes less active, which reduces the disinfectant effect. The presence of cyanuric acid is also the indirect cause of infections! However, the ideal alternative for efficient disinfection of your swimming water is the use of salt electrolysis.

The advantage of salt electrolysis is that the salt electrode automatically produces chlorine free from cyanuric acid, which disinfects your swimming pool water. This system only requires an annual addition of 100 to 150 kg of salt, which is also one of the cheapest available water treatment. A salt electrolysis is much more pleasant to swim in and feels softer.

Uni packs for sparkling clean and healthy pool water.