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Cristal Blue Combi packs (3)

Combi pack 3x7m
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Cristal Blue Combi packs

A smart heat pump in one combi pack

Did you know that our heat pump is equipped with the latest technology that automatically regulates the speed of the compressor and fan? Thanks to this variable speed, you are able to save a lot on your energy costs. A traditional on/off heat pump always runs at full power, while this is not necessary at all in most situations. The heat pump makes it possible to heat the pool by using energy from the outside air.

An inverter heat pump is a lot smarter and more efficient and recognizes, because it is always on, when the temperature of the water drops. This smart heat pump can then restore the water temperature with minimal force. This ensures a higher efficiency and energy savings of up to 60% on your electricity bill.

The combi pack for sparkling clean and healthy swimming pool water.

More and more of our international customers want to get rid of the maintenance of their swimming pool and ask for an automation system to keep their water healthy and at the right temperature.

The swimming pool owner buys wellness, relaxation, fun. He just wants to swim, play or sometimes train. In addition, there are pool hygiene and energy efficiency factors that are gaining importance every year. The need to reduce the costs of maintenance products has already resulted in water treatment systems that replace chlorine and reduce chemicals, which benefits both the wallet and the environment.

Combi packs for total pool disinfection and ultimate comfort.