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Cristal Blue Duo Packs (3)

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Cristal Blue Duo Packs

The inverter heat pump with duo pack

The inverter pool heat pump is equipped with a variable speed system. Thanks to this variable speed, you are able to save a lot on your energy costs. A traditional on/off heat pump always runs at full power, while this is not necessary at all in most situations.

An inverter heat pump is a lot more intelligent and more efficient. This type of heat pump recognizes, because it is always on, that the temperature of the water drops. This inverter heat pump can then restore the water temperature with minimal force. This ensures a higher efficiency and energy savings of up to 60%.

The most efficient type of pool heating suitable for water treated with salt electrolysis.

Why cover your pool with a high quality solar geobubble cover?

With the type geobubble of solar summer cover, the pool water stays at temperature for longer. As a result, you waste less money on energy. Studies have shown that this cover is considerably more efficient than the traditional bubble cover with a very high protection value, which is ideal for using with manuel roller systems.

Duo packs for total pool protection and ultimate comfort.