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Second home service

Peace of mind, warranty and a customer-oriented approach.

We can imagine as a second-home owner in Spain that you will rader enjoy your free time instead of losing it installing pool equipment. That is why we at Cristal Blue have a tailor-made service for this.


  • More peace of mind,
  • Installed by specialists and always under warranty
  • As a loyal customer, all repairs and or installations are always registrated in your Cristal Blue account

Your order?

What will it cost me?

The delivery of your order is free and if your order is installed at a later time, it will be stored for you in our warehouse until later notice.

The installation cost, on the other hand, is determined by the type of equipment you purchase and depending on some factors such as distance from pump house and location of the pool. The installation cost is always stated in "a choice text field" in the shopping cart unless otherwise stated.

What do I have to provide for the installation?

Always determine and confirm the location of the pool and pump house, even  located in a basement, by sending us detailed photos.

Only when we have received this images will we send an email to plan a date for installation together.

How long does the installation take?

For an average installation you can count on 1/2 day. If you have chosen one of our pool packs, you can certainly count on a whole day.

Find here the SECOND HOME SERVICE regions for all your orders here.