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Pool surveys IPP


Not only when choosing a pool makeover but also when buying or selling a home in Spain, a pool technical survey can be very valuable. A final pool survey report should give a clear overview of the (technical) and general state of the pool. We make sure the surveyreport is clear and written in understandable language. Below we would like to tell you more about our working method.


Step 1: ordering pool survey

You can order an survey via the website or contact us on +34 653 353 810. You can indicate when a pool survey is most convenient for you and whether you wish to be present at the survey. We or you will contact the estate agent or seller, so that we have access to the pool during the survey date. We can schedule an appointment within 3 days, provided the selling party is also available. Within 2 to 3 working days after the survey you will receive the digital pool survey report, after which the invoice will be sent a few days later.

Changing or cancelling an appointment
You can change your appointment free of charge within 48 hours prior to the pool survey. You can do this by email or phone +34 653 353 810.

Step 2: pool survey

If you would like to be present at the survey, you will meet one of our swimming pool specialists at the house concerned. If you have any points of attention, please let the swimming pool specialist know. That way, extra attention can be given to them during the survey. Our specialist will visually inspect the structural state of the pool on location. Usually the swimming pool specialist starts around the pool and works per component/accessories towards the pump house. The pool will be inspected first on the inside and then on the outside.

Pool survey, what to considder?
The survey is a visual technical inspection. This means that our swimming pool specialist will not affect the originality. He will also not dig or break anything so that the owner of the pool will not suffer any damage. During the survey the swimming pool specialist will make use of various aids and tools if necessary. A redox potential meter is used to detect possible water treatment problems. In addition, the specialist has various torches to illuminate dark spots in the pump house, so that a complete survey can take place. Think of crawl spaces under the pool.

During the survey of the swimming pool, you can ask all your questions to the swimming pool specialist. He can also advise you on possible renovations or renewals. After the survey, the swimming pool specialist gives a summary of the defects found.

Step 3: pool survey report "IPP"

After the brief verbal explanation of the survey, the swimming pool specialist draws up an extensive report containing his findings, the defects found and the possible repair costs. Within 2 to 3 working days after the survey, with the exception of sundays and holidays, you will receive this survey report with invoice by e-mail.

Cost of swimming "IPP" pool survey
The cost of a swimming pool survey starts at 85 euros, plus 25 euros if the request is urgent. On request, a specialised examination or an architect's permit is also available. We have certificates from: ASEPPI, FEMPA

Would you like to request a swimming pool survey? Or do you have questions about the extra services and the associated survey costs? Feel free to contact us at +34 653 353 810 or by filling in the contact form. We operate within a 50 kilometre radius of Alicante. This way we can guarantee service, speed and an attractive price.


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