Built-up or built-in pool?

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Built-up or built-in pool?

Buying a pool with the best advice

Buying a pool in Spain, but you have no idea what kind and what it takes? This overview lists all the possibilities, along with the accessories to make the pool complete. This pool manual is meant to help you buy a pool in the best possible way. What models are best for you? What dimensions are there and in what shape? These are questions that probably come to mind first. On this blogpage you will find the answers to your questions.



Built-up or built-in pool?

First of all, it is good to determine whether you want a built-up or a built-in pool. The choice from one of these possibilities can influence the final choice for a pool. Certain models can be (semi) above ground, while others cannot. This can also influence the final cost. Built-in pools are generally more expensive than above-ground pools.


Advantages of a built-in pool

Built-in swimming pools offer many advantages and possibilities. First of all, you can choose from many models, shapes and sizes. Round pool, rectangular pool or rather a different shape? Everything is possible. In addition, you can integrate a built-in pool in the design of your garden, giving it a more luxurious and tight appearance. With a built-in pool it is also possible to install a electric cover. The pools also last much longer, because many built-in pools are made of strong and durable materials. Also, weather conditions have no influence on the outside of the pool.


Benefits of a above-ground pool

Do you want to be able to enjoy the pool quickly? Then a above-ground pool might be a better option. The construction time is much shorter and the total costs are also lower. You do not have to dig a hole and pour a concrete slab. Wooden pools, steel pools and the new pools from Pocoinas are suitable for building up, whereby this pool is also suitable for semi-above building. Would you like to temporarily build the pool and then later build it in? That is also possible.



Which pool is the best?

In the end, only one thing matters: which pool is best for you? Below, you will find different advantages and disadvantages of the various pools



Made to measure polyester pool

A polyester pool is of exceptional quality. The tray is made of the best polyester, reinforced with fibreglass. So you are assured of decades of swimming fun.The pool may not be installed by private individuals - the pool contractor therefore installs the pool for you and also connects the equipment for you. Placing the polyester pool is done in one day, but including the connection, the construction can takes several days more. This pool also needs a concrete slab and the walls must be stabilised.


Architectural or concrete swimming pool

A construction pool is a pool that is completely custom designed and installed. This always involves some masonry work. This, together with the fact that you can choose virtually any shape, is the great advantage of a concrete swimming pool. Depending on your budget, you can choose certain materials such as the more expensive mosaic work or a cheaper liner.


Buying a pool complete with accessories

Buying a swimming pool means buying the best pool accessories. After construction, the water must remain clean. There are many ways to do this. The basis is to keep the bottom free from dirt. This can be done with a pool robot or poolboy. Cristal clear water? You can achieve this by applying water treatment techniques. A salt electrolysis or chlorine dosing system are very suitable for this. If you want to enjoy yourself optimally, you can extend the swimming season with a pool heat pump, which can heat your water up to 30 degrees.


Looking for a new and more minimalist concept?

A pool suitable aswell for built-in, build-up or semi above use where several comfortable options and elements can be added: bench or loungearea, swim stream, massage jets, sand filter with glass beads, heating, LED lighting, insulation kit. A complete reusable polyester pool with many personal accessories? Pocoinas pools are delivered as a complete set and are very affordable. Let a specialist advise you on the correct placement of your pool and garden project


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