Plunge of cocktail pool

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Plunge of cocktail pool

Think BIG build small

Swimming pools are an essential feature of any Mediterranean backyard, and with improved pool technologies, the pool industry in Spain has never been busier. But with plots shrinking all the time, the demand for mini pools is increasing.


Swimming pool contractor Pocoinas chooses to build affordable mini swimming pools in concrete combined with sustainable materials to make consumers with a larger garden more awareness.


The construction of a swimming pool with "insulated" thermal concrete blocks offers numerous advantages over other pool construction methods, because the special thermal concrete blocks used for these mini pools have a high R value, which expresses the thermal resistance of a (insulating) material layer. In other words, it indicates how well the material blocks heat. The higher the R-value, the more heat the material blocks and the better it insulates. A thermal block filled with concrete of 25cm has the same heat transfer value as 1 metre of wall thickness.


Insulated swimming pools in concrete form are energy-efficient, durable and low-maintenance.


The swimming pools of Pocoinas are available in 2 variants. There is the popular Swim model of 2,5 × 4 dimensions, a complete concept where many comfortable options are possible and where you can add elements such as seats, swim-stream, sleek mosaic tiling, sand filter with glass beads, heating, LED lighting, stainless steel built-in kit or massage jets in the Spa model. The adjustments are unlimited!


"The average price for the purchase and installation of your mini pool is still less than half the price of a standard high quality pool".



Advantages of a mini pool:

- Little or no loss of comfort.

- Lower energy, maintenance and purchase costs.

- Suitable for almost any garden, patio or other space.

- Very high thermal value, 3 to 5 degrees hotter than normal concrete pool.


A mini swimming pool built is just as versatile as an ordinary swimming pool, where you can cool down, warm up or just relax.


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  1. Leslie Leslie

    I would like to build a plunge pool (cocktail pool) (6m2¿?) with kidney shape or the like, on top of the ground because one side is a terrace 1’4m taller, if at all possible- one side transparent, and on top of all of this, affordable…..

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