Hiding your heat pump unit

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Hiding your heat pump unit

How to hide a heat pump unit?

Your Spain holiday is coming up, and to personalise your terrace or balcony of your second home, you tell yourself that it would be a good idea to hide that unattractive outdoor airco unit!


Whether for aesthetic reasons, for the safety of your children or for any other reason, here are some rules you should follow before you start camouflaging your heat pump or air conditioning unit.


Camouflage your outdoor unit yes, suffocate it no!


First of all, it is important to check that the cover of your unit does not impede in any way the proper circulation of air and thus the air circuit through the exchanger of the outdoor unit, so that the air conditioner maintains its performance.

If you want to opt for natural camouflage, avoid choosing plants which would obstruct the air circuit or make your engine difficult to access.
To facilitate possible intervention, make sure that the engine of your air conditioning or heat pump remains accessible.


To conceal an outdoor air conditioner, there are several choices available to you.

If the outdoor unit of your air conditioner is located at the bottom of your garden, as is often the case with swimming pool heat pumps, for example, a smart and natural solution is to plant small  plants of any kind around your unit. However, it is best to use evergreen plants.


You can also choose to install an aluminium cover for your heat pump today, there are quite a wide range of varied material models! Make sure you study the dimensions beforehand so that the air can circulate freely around your motor.


Consider air conditioning cover?

Here are some things you should check before you decide!

There are two types of enclosures on the market for your air conditioning units. Those designed for indoor installations and those designed to protect your outdoor units. Made from different materials, they just don't have the same purpose.

An air conditioning enclosure intended for the interior will only respond to an aesthetic problem.

Conversely, your outdoor air conditioning cover should be designed to protect your installation from bad weather, shocks and have a safe function.


Check the quality of the chosen material.

Whether you choose a wooden product or an aluminium air conditioning casing, your casing must be made of a robust material and designed to last (quality aluminium, anti-UV paint, anti-corrosion). So be sure to choose quality to extend the life of your installation.


Easy access for servicing your device.

It is best to choose covers with button holes, which are designed in such a way that your air conditioning cover can be easily removed. This will allow you to clean it regularly without having to dismantle the entire installation, as well as facilitate the intervention of your installer during an overhaul or repair.


Every electrical installation must always be safe in order to avoid accidents.

Your outdoor unit is of course no exception to this rule! Installed in your garden, terrace or roof, it is accessible and poses a danger, especially to young children, who are attracted by the movement of the motor blades and by its noise. Your pets may also be tempted to come too close!

To secure access, it is strongly recommended to install an air conditioning enclosure. This will also protect electrical connections, motor blades and avoid any risk of domestic accidents.

Besides the safety aspect, your installation is also vulnerable to bad weather and winter. Wind, leaves, frost, salt are all minor inconveniences that can ultimately weaken your engine. To limit exposure, the air conditioning cover protects your installation while allowing for free air circulation. Protected from the wind, any projectile, shocks and even dust, your engine will keep running while remaining like new!


Customised offers.

If your installation has non-standard dimensions or a particular shape which would prevent you from buying a standard product, make sure that the company selected offers a 100% customisable product line. An air conditioning cover that is too small or unsuitable (wiring at the side outlet, air outlet at the top of the outdoor unit, etc.) may damage your air conditioning or swimming pool heat pump motor. Be sure to validate this parameter before running a command.

The various delivery options and standard models at Cristal Blue ensure that each enclosure perfectly matches your exterior, taste and wishes. We will be happy to customise a casing made from high-quality materials for you to create your dream exterior in Spain.


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