8 tips for a more economical swimming pool

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8 tips for a more economical swimming pool

A swimming pool that is endless enjoyment when the sun is shining. To let you also enjoy a favorable energy and water consumption, we would like to give you 8 tips for a more economical swimming pool. Without sacrificing comfort!

1. The orientation of the pool in the garden

Let's start with a no-brainer yet a very effective measure to save. Solar energy of course! A pool that is in the sun all day will use less energy from your heat pump than a pool hidden under a huge tree or in the shade of the house.


2. Wich cover on your pool

You can cover a swimming pool in different ways. A bubble deck is certainly the cheapest to buy, and does what it should do: cover your water.

Do you want an electric cover that is both practical and also has a sleek finish? Then an electric roller shutter with slats is recommended. In addition, a PVC solar shutter will also actively heat your pool water when the sun is shining.


3. Good use of your pool cover

If you choose a pool cover, it is best to use it efficiently. When you're not at home or enjoying the pool, it's good to close your pool cover so it can heat up the water or at least keep the temperature.

At night your roller shutter will not be able to impart much active energy, it will of course ensure that the pool water does not cool down too quickly.
4. Clean regularly

By maintaining your pool properly, you can also quickly save a lot of money. You can do this by removing as many dirt particles as possible. As a result, you will notice that the consumption of products such as chlorine and acid are significantly lower.
In addition, it is best to clean the filter regularly, remove leaves with it or polish your roller shutter tray regularly.
5. Measurement and control technology

You can minimize the consumption of products by installing a measuring and control technique that automatically maintains the water quality.
Chlorine is broken down by the sunlight and, moreover, the chlorine cannot disinfect sufficiently if the pH values ​​are not optimal. This measurement and control technique will continuously measure these values ​​and only add the amount of chlorine and acid required. This way, this system will never overdose and you will save a lot on the consumption of these maintenance products.


6. Choose a heat pump

An inverter heat pump is already a very cost-effective way to heat the pool water. These pumps take the heat from the environment and can heat the water up to 30 ° C.

Please note, the outside temperature must be at least 14 ° C-15 ° C for this heat pump to work optimally. During the winter months, it is not a saving measure to heat up an outdoor pool via a heat pump. A well-maintained heat pump is also more cost-effective than one that is full of moss and dust.


7. The circulation pump

The circulation pump ensures the water circulation in the pool and is necessary for good water quality. This is adjusted in such a way that it is filtered 12 hours a day. Many suggest doing this filtering at night to reduce the cost of electricity.
However, this is not a good solution because the water circulation serves for a good mix of hot and cold water. And since the sun warms up the water during the day. The sun's rays break down chlorine, so the chlorine content should also be maintained especially during the day. To keep the water surface clean, the skimmer must of course also work.
8. Vantage

Don't you have that much time to regularly clean your pool with manual cleaning? No problem! Cristal Blue can offer a self-cleaning swimming pool with an integrated self-cleaning system. By installing spray nozzles in strategic places, the water circulation is optimal and no dirt particles are left behind. Due to this optimal water circulation, fewer chemical products are required.
Do you want swimming pool that cleans itself and is economical in use?

Contact us for a no-obligation consultation or request a free quote.


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