A jacuzzi on your terrace. Here's what to look out for!

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A jacuzzi on your terrace. Here's what to look out for!

100m² penthouse, fantastic views of the golf course or the Mediterranean sea.
A jacuzzi on the terrace would be a real dream!

For the price, a jacuzzi on the terrace is no longer a luxury. There are different models of inflatable Jacuzzis on the market with really attractive prices, but is it legal? Can I freely place a jacuzzi on my terrace? Is the building construction in danger? At what should I pay attention to?It is necessary to assess whether the weight of a Jacuzzi poses a risk to the property, but it is not necessary to obtain permission from the co-owners association.


On average, the structure of a property carries about 350 kilos per square meter. To calculate the total weight of the jacuzzi, we have to take into account the weight of the jacuzzi itself, plus the weight of the water and the weight of the people who will be in the jacuzzi.
- Practical example: (Jacuzzi + water + 2 persons) = 50 Kg + 795 Kg + 140 Kg = 985 Kg
Assuming the Jacuzzi has a diameter of Ø 2m, the radius will be 1m. 1 x 3.1416 = 3.1 m².

985 kg x 3.1 m2 = 317kg / m²

That is, 317 kg / m2 is the force that the jacuzzi will create on a certain area (the ground), so do not exceed this load.


Under no circumstances should we venture to install a Jacuzzi, removable pool, etc. however small they may be, without first consulting a professional who guarantees that the loads the roof will bear are perfectly safe.

First, have a qualified architect or technician check the building plans and prepare a report that determines the maximum weight the structure can support.

In short, the installation of Jacuzzis or similar elements on the terraces is a very delicate subject that can seriously compromise the structure of the building, so before we venture into its installation we have to take into account important factors.
If you're considering placing a jacuzzi on the patio, find out which type of jacuzzi interests you most.

Lightweight Jacuzzi

The good thing about the light jacuzzi is that it is easy to transport and requires no construction. You only need an electrical outlet and water. There are jacuzzis of this type of different materials, although they are usually synthetic. They are equipped with the water pump system, insulating cover with safety locks.


Prefabricated Jacuzzi Plug&Play

This type of Jacuzzi, which can be made of fiberglass and acrylic, must be installed on a solid surface that can withstand the weight of the whole. This can be made of concrete, metal or wood. In addition, this type of jacuzzis, heavier than the light models, offers more advantages and options: chromotherapy, disinfection systems, waterfalls, headrest, etc.


Built-in Jacuzzi

This type of Jacuzzi is specially designed for installation in a garden. They are the most durable and their construction is similar to that of a swimming pool. Therefore, we cannot consider it on a terrace of a building.

A few tips!

-> Program the correct water temperature between 26 ° C and 36 ° C to optimally enjoy the Jacuzzi.

-> It is advisable to place the Jacuzzi away from doors and windows and from the relaxation room because of the noise and humidity it generates.


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