Cristal Blue combi pack

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Cristal Blue combi pack

Corona smashes many dreams, but not that of a place of his own in sunny Daya Vieja in the Costa Blanca of Jean D.J. from Ostend. He bought his Spanish Casa in August. "Due to the low interest rate on savings, I thought buying something was the best option."

"We must be clear, automatic control systems are the future of the second-home market. In this way, Jean hopes to be able to control his installation remotely! He chose a combi pack from Cristal Blue to heat his holiday home's swimming pool for total pool disinfection and ultimate comfort.


1. When did you buy the house in Spain and why?

I bought my holiday home in August as a second home.


2. Was there already a swimming pool or did you make that choice?

There was a standard swimming pool, not yet heated or automated.


3. Why Daya Vieja?

Daya Vieja really appealed to me. Especially the location close to several golf courses and I also knew quite a few friends who had bought something in that area.


4. How did you decide to optimise your pool?

As I plan to come for a week or two several times a year, I can hardly ask someone to put chlorine tablets in the pool every so often. I therefore choose a more independent system such as the Cristal Blue combi pack.


5. When do you heat: in the morning, evening or night?

If everything is in place, I hope to be able to control the installation whenever I want and heat it remotely (Wifi) a few days before I arrive!


6. What is your advice for other owners who wish to buy or invest in Spain?

That's a difficult one, it remains a consideration that everyone must make for themselves, buy or always rent something. Due to the low interest rate on savings, I think buying is the best option. For the swimming pool optimisation, I chose the Belgian company Cristal Blue.


7. Give your 3 advantages of a heat pump with automatic disinfection by salt electrolysis?

- More energy efficient than a conventional heat pump.
- Independence from the weather.
- Constant water temperature and disinfection.


8. Why did you choose Cristal Blue?

For the good reviews and long experience.





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