Discover the Cristal Blue shower

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Discover the Cristal Blue shower

Showering in style under the minimalist Outdoor Shower from Cristal Blue designed by "Tarantik & Egger"

The freestanding shower, specially designed for Cristal Blue, can be placed anywhere in the garden, along the pool, balcony or on your roof terrace. It can be dismantled, so you can easily store it in compact parts when leaving your favorit holiday home.

The integrated shower head produces a gentle trickle flow that feels like a tender rain shower. Made from powder-coated stainless steel in the colors black, yellow, pink and white. Other finishes possible on request via our contact form.

Discover the benefits of an outdoor shower:

At temperatures above thirty degrees in Spain, you really want nothing more than a refreshing dip, right? Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a pool at a villa and the water from a jacuzzi often gets even warmer by the sun. An outdoor shower is therefore ideal! You have direct access to fresh water at the touch of a easy button. In addition, an outdoor shower requires almost no maintenance, while a jacuzzi also requires a lot of supervision. An outdoor shower therefore offers you all the advantages of a swimming pool or jacuzzi, but not the disadvantages. So a win-win situation! And how nice is it to take a cooling shower in your second home during the hot days in Spain!


An outdoor shower is a smart addition to any home or garden. In any case, it is nice to rinse yourself after a visit to the beach or a splash in the pool, but also before you go into the jacuzzi or the pool. If you take a shower beforehand, a lot less dirt will end up in the filters. With an outdoor shower, your swimming pool, jacuzzi or sauna remains a lot cleaner and more hygienic.


The Cristal Blue shower is the most practical option for those looking for instant refreshment without resorting to large installation work or expensive purchases such as a jacuzzi and without taking up too much space. Minimalist outdoor showers are available to everyone and bring freshness to the patio or garden when the heat hits. Every corner is good for it and there is a wide variety of colors to choose from. Keep in mind that installing a shower requires a nearby sink to prevent flooding and channel the water, but with the help of a professional, this minor tweak will be easy and won't give you too many headaches.


Want to create even more spa feeling in your second home?

Choose for an original and trendy Cristal Blue shower instead of a standard shower system because nothing is better than its soft rays on your skin that feel like a summer Mediterranean rain shower!


Order it here exclusively for Spain.


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