Electrolysis of salt water

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Electrolysis of salt water

The salt electrolysis is a technique used by many secondhome owners in Spain for the disinfection of pool water by electrolysis. The active ingredient of the treatment is chlorine. When the water passes through the electrolytic installation, the salt dissolved in the swimming pool water turns into chlorine.


Electrolysis is a method that makes it possible to cause chemical reactions thanks to an electrical activation. It concerns the process of conversion of electrical energy into chemical energy. First and foremost, the pool water should be lightly salted. To do this, put salt in the water: 2 to 6 g / liter of water.


An electrolysis cell equipped with electrodes is used. This is placed on the filter circuit in the technical room of the swimming pool. When the water passes through the electrodes, the salt in the water turns into natural chlorine (or Sodium hypochlorite or NaoCl). Actually, the NaCl molecule breaks and then converts to chlorine. And it is the chlorine that disinfects the pool water. Chlorine destroys algae, germs and organic waste.



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