Solar motorised bubble pool cover

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 Solar motorised bubble pool cover

The telescopic solar-controlled cover roller is made of anodised aluminium in the form of telescopic tubes that allow the necessary length to be adjusted for all possible pool sizes without having to make cuts.


"This solar controlled pool cover roller allow you to easily extend and store your cover, keeping the swimming area clear. They are economical and easy to use and will help extend the life of the cover by preventing direct exposure to the sun and rubbing against the pool copings."


- It makes it easier to put on and take off the bubble wrap or foam cover thanks to its solar-controlled module.

- It reduces the physical effort and can be controlled with an automatic remote control.

- Extends the life of the cover, thus avoiding unnecessary breakages or accidents.


"The automatic cover roller is an innovative model equipped with a solar panel. It thus requires no electricity, only solar energy and is designed with telescopic aluminium tubes, allowing it to adapt to pools up to 5.50 m wide. It also has an ergonomic handwheel for manual operation and two wheels for convenient transport."

Technical features:

- Battery voltage: 12V

- Solar panel voltage: 12,6V

- Speed: 11 rpm

- Length: Telescopic up to 5.50 m

- Tube diameter: 80 mm

- Remote control included

- 2 year guarantee


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