The added value of a swimming pool in Spain.

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The added value of a swimming pool in Spain.

A relief for body and soul

Becoming a proud owner of a swimming pool has many advantages, especially in a place like Spain, where most of the year is very nice weather. Just think of how you can recover from the busy home country life during a Spanish siesta under the parasol in a lazy lounger or just chill out floating on an air mattress by the pool of your own holiday villa ...

It is the dream of many. However, pay attention before you dream away: there are a few things that you should definitely pay attention to when buying a Spanish villa with swimming pool.


A mosaic pool increases the price of the house, so you choose the right house with pool!


Villa with pool, but what type?

Of course there are different types of swimming pools. Are you looking for a pool where you can swim laps, a pool where the children can play? And would you like an indoor pool, or just one in the garden? A built-in or surface-mounted copy? It is clear: one pool is not the other. So determine in advance what type your new villa should have.

Mosaic pools are most common. A lot of excavation and stabilization work needs to be done to build this type of pool.

This is not necessary with above-ground swimming pools. As a result, these are often cheaper. Of course, the edge must be nicely finished. In-ground swimming pools are safer because children cannot fall into them, but less evoke the typical swimming pool feeling.


Conclusion! When you consider buying a villa with a pool, you have to decide which factor weighs the most for you: the price, the view or the safety.


Maintaining your pool, it is also part of it

A factor that many people forget is maintenance. Keeping a swimming pool in top condition requires a lot of work and budget. Cleaning the filters, changing the water, removing leaves, twigs and other dirt from the pool, replacing parts, it's all part of it.
Do you not like the maintenance? Then a villa with swimming pool may not be suitable for you, unless you give it to a professional.


The pros and cons of a swimming pool



--> Aesthetic element in the garden

--> Brings coolness in the summer

--> Ideal for organizing parties and pool parties

--> Children love to play in the pool

--> Sports such as aqua jogging (or lap swimming if you have a large pool or a countercurrent pool) are possible




--> Intensive maintenance required

--> Risk of drowning for small children

--> General maintenance costs such as water, electricity and any heating can be expensive



" Happiness in Spain is a day at the pool "









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