Tips for efficient pool management

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Tips for efficient pool management

It takes some getting used to. Due to the coronavirus, your spring will go very differently than expected. You may have had to postpone your departure to your second home in Spain. Or you were already in Spain, but had to head back to home country. That is why you are all the more looking forward to that moment when you can catch your breath on your beloved Costa. And of course that includes a refreshing dip in your own swimming pool.

Your swimming pool is the place to completely relax and relax without any worries. What a delight during hot summer days on the Costa.
Take a few laps in the morning and take a refreshing dip in the afternoon to escape the heat. Soon it will be possible again!

Due to the corona crisis, your swimming pool may now be somewhat left deserted. But now is the time to upgrade it and get ready for a beautiful summer. A complete renovation is often not necessary. With small adjustments you take big steps towards maintenance-friendly and energy-efficient swimming pool management. And that also benefits your budget.


Take advantage of our five smart tips:

1. Save energy with the inverter heat pump

Do you already use a heat pump for your swimming pool? Then you can enjoy pleasant warm bathing water all year round. But do you already know the smart inverter heat pump? Due to its variable speed, it only runs at full power when necessary. This pump is therefore a lot smarter and more efficient than the traditional heat pump. And because this heat pump feels quickly when the temperature drops, it gets the temperature back up with minimal effort. The inverter heat pump gives you a higher efficiency and gives you energy savings of up to 60%!


2. Prevent evaporation and keep your swimming water warm for longer

How do you prevent your pool water from evaporating? And how do you ensure that the temperature of your pool water does not drop too quickly? You usually do this with a tarpaulin or a simple bubble wrap. But did you know that a solar bubble cover keeps your pool water at a much better temperature for longer? It absorbs the sun's rays and prevents water evaporation and algae formation. This saves you filtration time and energy consumption. Research also shows that the solar bubble cover works considerably more efficiently than the traditional bubble wrap.


3. Use an economical and quiet filter pump

Your filter installation ensures that you can swim in healthy and clear water. Because a pool without a filter pump is like a cocktail without ice cubes. But it is nice to work with a filter pump that is not too expensive and does its job almost silently. The variable smart filter pumps meet those expectations. They consume up to 60% less energy and produce 75% less noise.


4. Choose digital and budget-friendly water treatment

Is the water treatment of your pool not yet automatic? Do you still work with measuring sticks, chlorine cubes and landing net? Today's plug-and-play systems disinfect your salt-based pool water via dosing pumps. As a result, you no longer need to buy chlorine tablets or granules. The digital salt electrolysis does its job and is one of the cheapest water treatment methods. An absolute must.


5. Place the maintenance of your pool in experienced hands

Do you see any improvement opportunities to make your swimming pool more maintenance-friendly and energy-efficient? If your pool is in the region between Costa Valencia and Costa Almeria, we will be happy to help you! Let us bring your swimming pool back in top condition. We work with technicians who together have more than 20 years of experience in their profession. We maintain pool installations and install new equipment and accessories. You can count on a personal and complete service in different languages. Our repair service is ready every day to help you out quickly in case of emergency.


Opt for a carefree pool experience with Cristal Blue. Contact our customer service today for more information or request a quote without obligation.





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