User experience of heating a swimming pool with a heat pump

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User experience of heating a swimming pool with a heat pump

Heating with a smart inverter heat pump: Comfort at low cost

"Heating a swimming pool under the Spanish sun with air conditioning, or an air-to-air heat pump, is not common. Wrongly, says Steven Vancutsem, owner of a rental property in Torrevieja. With the Cristal Blue inverter unit, he chose this option over a year ago to heat the pool of his holiday home. His experiences are positive, both in terms of comfort and cost."


1. When did you buy your house in Spain and why?

I bought my house in May 2018, I had actually been looking for a very long time until when I fell in love with this house on the internet in February 2018.


2. Was there a swimming pool already or did you make that choice?

There was a swimming pool already but it was not yet heated.


3. Why Torrevieja?

Torrevieja appealed to me because it is not too touristy. The location also appealed to me, close to the coast (2 km), close to the shops and a quiet environment. I started looking on the internet and found this house.


4. How did you decide on a heat pump and not on another system, solar energy...?

I wanted to be able to use my swimming pool during the winter months (October to May), and with a heat pump I can now enjoy it all year round.


5. Do you get enough benefit from your choice and what are your experiences with the maintenance of the pump and the monthly costs?

Yes, definitely, there is little or no maintenance on the pump and the consumption is also very good. In December (3 weeks), when I intensively set up my swimming pool heater, I use about 80 euros worth of electricity.


6. When do you heat: in the morning, evening or night?

One week before I arrive at my house, the pump is already on. I set the pump from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. and then have a temperature of 32°, which is lovely!


7. What advice would you give to other landlords with a swimming pool?

A heated pool is simply wonderful and you don't have to go outside to swim. Have it installed by a professional and reliable Belgian company like Cristal Blue.


8. What are three advantages of a heat pump?

- Being able to swim all year round at wonderful temperatures.

- Consumption is very low (80 euros), which is 3 euros per day.

- Reliable Cristal Blue system.


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