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Pool surveys

" A swimming pool survey can bring you many benefits when you buy or sell a property with a swimming pool. In this way, unpleasant discussions can be avoided later on."


Why a swimming pool survey or survey report?

When you buy or sell a house with a swimming pool, a swimming pool survey is useful to establish the structural and general condition. After all, you want to know what costs you can expect in the future.

Our report gives you more certainty about the cost of the repairs that need to be made to get the pool back in good condition. Moreover, thanks to our survey you know exactly what the state of the pool is. You will get a clear insight in the parts that need to be replaced or not.


What is a swimming pool survey?

During the pool survey, a visual inspection of the pool is carried out. The condition of the most important structural, technical and sanitary parts is determined and recorded in the report.

After the survey you will receive the report with the findings, including photos, a cost indication of any repairs and/or maintenance for the next 2 years. You will receive the report by e-mail within 2 to 3 working days after the pool survey.


Benefits of a swimming pool survey.

"You can use the results to negotiate the asking price".

1. If you know exactly what the state of the pool is, you know in detail where improvements are needed that might bring the price of the property down. You have the opinion of a specialist, an investment that easily pays for itself.


"The result of the swimming pool survey can serve as a resolutive condition in the (preliminary) sales contract".

2. If the selling party has concealed hidden defects, or simply did not know about them, you can have the (provisional) sales contract dissolved. Thanks to the survey you know exactly where the weak spots in the pool are to be found.


"Clearly mapped out the deficiencies of the swimming pool".

3. Whether you use it as a guide for your future renovation plans or as evidence to convince the selling party that you are right, a swimming pool survey provides you with the hard facts in a row. Every defect that is found for the pool will be listed in the final report.


How does a swimming pool survey work?

During the pool survey we inspect the following components (if applicable and visual for you): pool copingstonework, wall mosaic and floors, building structure, cracks, inlet fastenings, skimmers, lighting, outdoor shower plumbing/connections, stainless steel stairs, interior finish pump house (ceilings, walls and floors), heating equipment, salt electrolysis and/ or pH dosing systems, technical installation, electrics, sand filter, motor filter basket, pressure gauge, globe valves, seals, drain pipe, 6-way valve and/ or positions, PVC pump house defects.


The pool surveys in 3 steps:

1. The swimming pool specialist comes to the pool you want inspected at the agreed time.

2. By first asking a number of questions, the specialist will gather more information about the pool. Then follows the survey of the pool, which on average takes one hour.

3. After the survey on location, we elaborate the report at our office. You will then receive the report digitally, complete with photos and clear text and any estimate of the costs to have it repaired/repaired or renewed.


More certainty with a pool survey.

Do you want more certainty and an extra good pool survey? That is possible. Then select one of the options below that we can offer you:


Extra option 1: Specialist examination

Do you have swimming pool heating and/or other automatic peripheral equipment and do you want to know whether it still functions properly? Do you see moisture spots, loose mosaic tiles and do you want to know if it is a leak? Then we will map this situation for you.

Extra option 2: Swimming pool survey 100% legal

Have the swimming pool immediately legalised if necessary when a swimming pool inspection takes place. That way you also know immediately what the property is worth when you apply for a mortgage.


You can select these additional options when ordering your swimming pool survey. If you are interested in any of these additional services, simply select them during the ordering process. We will then schedule an expert and make sure you get exactly what you asked for.


Cost of swimming pool survey

We understand that you would like to know in advance what the costs of a swimming pool survey will be. That way you can weigh up for yourself whether it is worth the effort and money. That is why we are always transparent about the costs you make for the survey.

You always pay us afterwards. The invoice is sent to you together with the pool report.

It is that simple! Read the full explanation, click here


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